Intergrated Projects Limited


Intergrated Projects Ltd offers a comprehensive range of services to meet the diverse needs of our partners and customers.

Development Service:

Intergrated Projects Ltd combines advanced modelling tools for demographics and physical characteristics of site and consults on feasibility studies to evaluate and select ideal sites. We’re experienced at working pro-actively with local and regional planning authorities to make things happen in good time  with minimal issues along the way.

Architectural and design:

Our in-house design team takes a project from land-use master planning and preliminary concepts that capture the imagination, all the way through to final working drawings.

Design-build Efficiency:

Our intergrated team bring projects in on time and within budget.

National scope, national clients, development and design- build projects across the heartland for household names in Nigerian financial, commercial and residential development industry.


Interior Decor:

Space planning is a core discipline of architecture that allows intimate detailing and creation of a unique angle in the perception of space and we provide the first-class service without compromising in spacial aesthetics.

Intergrated Projects Construction, specialises in concrete and tilt-up construction, rough and finish carpentry, and versatile task labour services for owners and general contractors.

Intergrated projects project management, is exclusively focused on commercial and residential project management with over 129166.925 square feet of office, industrial and retail space in the portfolio, a full spectrum of projects management service is available to meet your needs.

From the initial concept through the final delivery and ongoing operation of a project, Intergrated Projects Led is there to help.

We have the resources, integrity, experience and commitment to make real estate development a win-win endeavour.

Our Clients