Intergrated Projects Limited


  • Category: RESIDENTIAL
  • Status: COMPLETED
  • Date:


A multi-level story building in the prime of the city, this privately-owned development works with different textures to create a pleasing aesthetic. It uses grills as horizontal shading devices in the balconies as well as vertical screens to block off unwanted rays, and at night the exterior lighting casts shadows that create a beautiful ambiance to onlookers. The building uses soft grey bricks to give a rough but softened effect that is not too hard on the eyes.

This project features a multi-level storey building located in Osbourne, Ikoyi. The building makes use of different materials to create a variety of textures that add visual and tactile appeal to the project. The design also reduces solar gains in the building through the use of vertical and horizontal louvers on the balconies. Natural light is also allowed into the building through the use of large multi-storey glazing.

The cantilevered roof reduces the amount of direct sunlight that enters the building further reducing solar gains. The roof serves another purpose as it hosts exterior lights that serve to light the building and its surrounding landscape at night, as well as providing a soft, beautiful ambiance to the building’s exterior.

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