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  • Category: RESIDENTIAL
  • Status: COMPLETED
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This privately-owned development in Maryland breaks all the rules with its unorthodox style in roofing and playing with the site’s natural terrain. The unusual roof creates room for a penthouse/ attic which also maximizes the buildings’ overall livable sqm. The façade uses balconies and terraces without remorse, not to forget the incorporation of the terrain in the design creates interesting levels, unlike Lagos’ conventional flat topography. An interactive outdoor area on the lower level provides a space simultaneously for the family to sit out, enjoy the fresh evening breeze, and also for the kids to play at the mini basketball area. This multi-level building promises to be a breath of fresh air and stands on its own to dare its users and viewers and break away from the norm.

A privately-owned development in Maryland, this design stands out from its context with its use of Mansard roofing instead of the more common roofing typology. The use of a Mansard roof creates room for an attic/penthouse which increases the liveable space that is available in the building.

The building design also takes the natural terrain into consideration, incorporating it into the design which creates interesting levels that differentiates it from the conventional flat topography common in Lagos.

The design considers the users of the building, creating an interactive outdoor area that includes a seating area that allows the family to sit and enjoy a nice, tropical evening as well as a mini basketball area for the kids to play.

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