Intergrated Projects Limited


  • Category: COMMERCIAL
  • Status: COMPLETED
  • Date: 2019


A privately-owned event center that boasts spacious hallways to allow for easy flow of human traffic in peak seasons, as well as large open halls with the use of floor-to-ceiling glazing for maximum natural light. With an interesting twist to its shell roof, this event center sets itself apart in architectural quality and precision.

“A world-class event center that provides the best guest experience.” This was the focus when creating the design for L’Avenida and the aim of the client in contacting us for the design and build.

As it is located on the Lekki peninsula, L’Avenida is designed to be eye-catching and distinguishable from the surrounding context. An element that sets apart the L’Avenida

center apart from its surroundings is the curved roof which gives the building a unique and softer look.

The center is designed to have 1350 seating capacity and so has spacious hallways for ease of access and to allow for easy flow of traffic during use. The center maximises daylight by the use of floor-to-ceiling glazing which allows natural light to move through the building throughout the day. Accessibility is also considered a huge factor and is incorporated into the design with a wheelchair entrance and wheelchair-accessible toilets.

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