Intergrated Projects Limited


  • Category: COMMERCIAL
  • Status: COMPLETED
  • Date: 2019


A minimalist interior fitting of a dynamic commercial space in Victoria Island with clean, simplistic, well-organized elements paired with notes of bold colours and fun, playful accents. The playful elements in the design scheme bring to life the work play concept in this commercial development. The key to this project was in making good commercial interiors that have a significant impact by not only adding value to the business but also improving the space for those who need to spend time in it.

Every IPL design begins with a story, the design goal for the new Interswitch facility was to maintain the history and modern aesthetic of the brand and create a fun dynamic experience appropriate for the company’s youthful staff. It is a space dedicated to keeping Interswitch at the forefront of payments systems with Technology in Africa.

The Building 7 facility stands out to encourage social interaction in shared spaces and welcoming brightness everywhere with the use of bright and bold colours.

Working with the Inter switch team, IPL Architects employed colours as a practical method to express the company’s youthful spirit.

A touch of Inspiring graphic content leaves the space improving the mental and overall quality of life of the users.

A work play environment that offers a maximum culture of work efficiency and social cohesion.


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