Intergrated Projects Limited


  • Client: CUSTODIAN
  • Category: COMMERCIAL
  • Status: COMPLETED
  • Date: 2019


This project in Ibadan for Custodian played with the natural topography of the site, the change in levels can also be observed from the exterior. With most of the exterior of the building having curtain walls, the floors of the interior spaces are well lit to bring about maximum production. The site is properly designed with a hardscape as well as a soft scape, for suitable use and access of the site.

Custodian Investment limited is an investment company with significant holdings in companies and brands. We received a brief to design the branch in Ibadan.

The design, structure and internal organization, and lifestyle proposed within this building were determined by the pre-existing conditions of the topography.

Based on the sloped topography of the site, sloping plots often present themselves as a major challenge and therefore became the determining factor of the project by enabling various forms of approach.

The method we adopted was to benefit from the uniqueness of the site and taking full advantage of the open views using large curtain walls, and the flow from the external to the internal parts of the space.

For better performance of the facade, using curtain walls was our option, we considered the versatility, the installations, and seamlessness of the glass accessories.

This afforded the interior space to trap maximum light while blending the external hardscape and soft scape to create a seamless flow within this facility.

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